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The Real Impact of Speeding and Hard Braking on Your Car

BY: Adam Karner
impact of speeding and hard braking

Driving is a game of wits. You must be alert for not only your own vehicle’s potential quirks, but you need to pay attention to other motorists as well. Their behavior can be unpredictable, and you need to be ready for anything.

Not only that, but road conditions may be surprising too. Depending on where you’re driving, you could run across rougher terrain or potholes tough on your vehicle. 

The Risks of Hard Braking

Sudden changes in speed are considered harsh driving, and changing speeds rapidly is not suitable for your car. There are many dangers of hard braking, but here are a few you should be aware of: 

  1. Safety. It takes a lot of pressure to stop a vehicle, and stopping it too late can result in a fender bender or damage to your car and tires. It puts drivers at higher risk for accidents, large and small.
  2. Overheating brakes. Drivers who drive too close or find themselves hard braking often may notice significant wear and tear on the brakes. Frequent hard braking leads to damage. It can also cause the brakes to overheat. While the heat won’t spread, it can damage and warp the braking system and rotors, which will lead to expensive repairs down the line.
  3. Treadwear. The strain on your tires from quickly braking can cause the treads to wear out more rapidly than usual. If you rely on your car for commuting, you may have to do an expensive tire repair earlier than expected.

The wear and tear on a vehicle from hard braking are easily avoidable. Some issues can come from suddenly accelerating, which damages your car and put you at risk.

The Risks of Speeding and Sudden Acceleration

  1. Fuel-burning. Having a lead foot and pressing down hard on your accelerator as a regular driving habit burns up a lot of excess fuel. You may find yourself running out and needing to fill up your tank more often.
  2. Wear and tear. The drivetrain components on your vehicle will become worn down if you continuously accelerate. And of course, going too fast often results in hard braking, which results in more wear and tear.
  3. Speeding fines. If you’re caught rapidly accelerating and speeding over the limit, you may get pulled over and hit with a fine for speeding or even reckless driving. It’s best to avoid doing so unless you’re embarking on a high-speed chase.

Some people find themselves speeding when they’re anxious or running late, while others are habitual speeders. If you find yourself driving fast, or having to hard brake a lot, it may be time to examine your driving habits. You could be indulging in dangerous behaviors that will damage your car and put others at risk. 

Thousands of crashes each year are speeding-related, and damaged components can also cause safety issues. Be safe and drive carefully!

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