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Fall Driving Tips

BY: Larry Witherspoon Jr.
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Fall is in full swing, and there are plenty of “cool” activities to keep you and your busy. There’s much to do and prepare from finding the perfect Halloween costume, throwing a fun tailgate experience, or planning your Thanksgiving feast. And, just as you should prepare your vehicle for the change of season, fall brings with it changes to driving conditions that all drivers should be aware of to stay safe. 

Prepare yourself for the changing seasons by following these top fall driving tips.

5 Tips for Drivers During Fall

1. Watch Out for Leaves

Falling leaves may look pretty, but they can cause hazards for drivers throughout the season. Driving on wet leaves can be dangerous and not too dissimilar to traveling on ice. Leaves can also cover potholes and bumps in the road that can result in some serious damage to your tires or your suspension. When driving through an area heavy with fallen leaves, make sure to slow down and be on the lookout for any potentially hidden hazards.

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2. Prepare for Less Sunlight

With the days getting shorter in the fall, motorists are more likely to drive in darker conditions. Check that all your lights are working in your car and replace any that are needed. A local licensed repair facility can help you in finding and replacing the bulbs on your vehicle. 

With the sun rising and setting at different times of the day, glare can also be a problem for drivers. A trusty pair of sunglasses can help you to fight glare. It’s also essential to stay diligent and scan your surroundings when driving at night or in darker conditions. Both bicyclists and pedestrians can be difficult to see during the evening, especially if they are not wearing bright colors or reflective gear. Drive slowly in residential areas, come to a complete stop at every stoplight/sign and be sure to look both ways for any pedestrians crossing at crosswalks.

3. Be Prepared for the Weather

Depending on where you live in the U.S., fall can bring with it other hazardous weather conditions to deal with other than falling leaves. Precipitation (or rainfall) can be high during the autumn months, so be sure your windshield wipers are working. Check for signs of wear and tear and replace them immediately if they are not in good working order. 

Like rain, both snow and sleet can block visibility. Fogs can also be commonplace in the fall, so continue to practice safe driving practices discussed in the tips above and drive slow in areas with recent snowfall or other inclement weather. Your vehicle may even be equipped with a “snow” feature, allowing your transmission to handle snowy or icy conditions better.

You should also make sure you give yourself extra time before departing, especially in the mornings before a commute to work. Allow your vehicle the proper amount of time to warm up. Without a warm-up, your car may be more prone to temperature-related issues such as stalling. You can also help ensure you have a clear line of sight out your windshield by warming up for melting snow to help you avoid potential accidents or hazards on the road. We also recommend packing a full emergency breakdown kit, such as extra water, defrosting fluid, ice scraper, and snow brush. 

4. Drive Cautiously in School Zones

With summer vacation far in the rearview mirror, drive slowly and cautiously, especially through school zones. Parents taking their kids to and from school and school buses can also mean additional traffic on the roads. Therefore, plan your route carefully and give yourself some extra time around school “rush hour.”

Following traffic laws regarding school buses is also a must for drivers, even outside of a school zone. Though laws vary by state, do not pass a stopped school bus with its stop sign extended. Children can be crossing out into the road, so be diligent.

5. Keep Your Eyes Out for Deer

While city drivers may not have to worry as much, wildlife can also be a fall road hazard. In many parts of the country, deer can pose a significant risk to drivers. Mating season takes place in the fall, which means you are more likely to find them out on the roads in suburban and rural areas. It is also common to come across deer at dawn and dusk, making them difficult to see.

Deer often travel in herds, so always drive with caution. A collision with a deer isn’t just potentially damaging to your vehicle but also harmful to the local wildlife and environment, so drive slowly and respectfully in known deer crossings.

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