FAQ: Do new cars really cost more in repairs than older cars?

When buying a new car, you might think you will save money in the long run since you won’t need as many expensive vehicle repairs and car maintenance services. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily the case. While it is true that you may not need to perform upkeep or emergency auto repairs as often, depending on the vehicle make and model, the parts and services for a new car are much more expensive than those for a used car, often five to ten times more. So, even if you have fewer repairs and services, the total cost of those services will be much higher than if you had an older vehicle, adding to your overall cost of car ownership.

Newer cars are much more advanced than previous model generations. Today, new vehicles come with impressive capabilities, including enhanced safety features, entertainment functions, and even the ability to self-drive. Unfortunately, with these modern technologies comes an increased price of car repairs and car maintenance due to requiring highly skilled mechanics and costly components.

Many new cars are made with aluminum. Aluminum is lighter than steel, saving up to 40% and improving vehicle performance. It absorbs double the energy in a crash than steel of the same weight and is more eco-friendly. Aluminum is more expensive than steel, increasing car repair costs. Even engine repairs in new cars are more expensive. Engine repairs can be costly for both new and old cars, but the cost of repairs for newer cars is usually higher due to the increased complexity of their engines.

Newer cars have more electronic components, safety features, and even weigh more than older cars, making them more challenging to repair. As a result, engine repairs on new vehicles can take longer and require specialized tools, which can add to the cost. Additionally, new cars may require more expensive parts and fluids, which can also drive up the cost of engine repairs.

Parking lot of old and new cars needing repairs

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