FAQ: How much does auto maintenance cost over time?

Maintaining a routine car maintenance schedule is a priority to avoid expensive car repair costs, keep your vehicle running safely and smoothly for longer, and increase the lifespan of your car. When creating a budget or calculating the cost of car ownership, it is vital to consider the cost of vehicle maintenance.

According to AAA, car owners can expect to pay an average of 9.68 cents per mile driven on car maintenance, repairs, and tires. The average driver in the United States drives approximately 15,000 miles annually, meaning they spend around $1,450 each year on car maintenance.

Owning a car involves more than monthly car payments. It includes fuel costs, cleaning fees, tune-ups, oil changes, and tire rotations. While it can add up over time, proper maintenance is often more affordable than preventable expensive car repairs. Here are a few auto maintenance areas to consider, along with estimated car maintenance costs from our partner, RepairPal:

The frequency and the type of maintenance required can fluctuate depending on the vehicle make and model, age, usage, mileage, driving conditions, and even where in the United States you live. For example, car maintenance and repair costs are typically higher in the west, while the midwest is notoriously lower.

Your auto maintenance costs may also be lower if you have a factory warranty, extended warranty, or auto protection plan that includes car maintenance as a part of your vehicle service contract.

Mechanic performing maintenance on a lifted car

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