FAQ: How much is the average car repair bill cost?

Car repair costs differ for every car driver and in every situation. The cost of car repairs fluctuates depending on a variety of factors, including the vehicle’s make and model, the vehicle’s age, driving style and usage, geographical location, the parts and repairs needed, part availability, the shop labor costs, and whether you choose to replace a component with an aftermarket option or the manufacturer’s original equipment (OEM parts).

As a general rule of thumb, newer or luxury vehicles, such as Land Rover, cost more in car maintenance and repair costs than a standard car, like Nissan, and keeping up with routine car maintenance can prevent or reduce repair costs.

The average car repair costs can range from around $100 for basic auto repairs, such as changing the oil or replacing a fan belt, or into the thousands for more complex repairs, such as expensive engine or transmission replacements. Here is an estimation of the average costs of common vehicle repairs you can expect to pay based on our partners at RepairPal:

There are ways to save on the price of car repairs. For instance, if you decide to repair your car yourself, you can save money by purchasing the necessary parts online and performing the repair yourself. On the other hand, if you have a mechanic perform the repair, you may have to pay more for their professional services. Still, you can have peace of mind knowing the repair will be done correctly and safely with an ASE Certified mechanic, repair shop, or auto dealership.

One of the best ways to save on unexpected or expensive car repair costs is to use the benefits of your bumper-to-bumper factory warranty, extended warranty, or auto protection plan from Endurance Warranty. Many car repairs are covered under the vehicle service contracts, helping you budget and preventing you from paying expensive car repairs out of pocket.

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