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Extended Auto Warranty Discounts – Get the Best Price on Your Warranty

BY: Endurance
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In this day and age, everyone is looking to save money anywhere they can. The prices at the pump keep rising. Auto prices are through the roof. And don’t even get us started on the cost of car repairs. Extended vehicle protection might seem like a luxury, but in reality, it’s a necessity. Many people think that they can’t afford coverage, but it’s unlikely that you couldn’t afford coverage but could afford a $1,400 repair bill.

With affordable payment plans and extended auto warranty discounts, extended vehicle protection is more affordable than you’d think. Money-saving discounts are available for a variety of customers. Why pay full price for something when you can get a great deal?

Extended auto warranty discounts can be a great way to save money, and the majority of them require little to no effort to get. These discounts are available to hardworking citizens who have helped better our country. It’s just our way of saying “Thank You” for all that you’ve done and continue to do. Check out the list of extended auto warranty discounts below to see if you qualify.

Want to Save THOUSANDS on Auto Repairs? Get Endurance!

State or Federal Government Worker Extended Auto Warranty Discounts:

Do you work for the state or Federal Government? Then this is your lucky day. Get rewarded with a discount just for doing your job. Be sure to ask one of our representatives if your position qualifies. We have discounts for all sorts of positions ranging from civil servants to school teachers and more!

U.S. Military Extended Auto Warranty Discounts:

Our U.S military discount is available for not only active duty military personnel but for veteran personnel as well. For all the service that you have provided defending our country, we also offer this to spouses of military personnel.

Want to Save THOUSANDS on Auto Repairs? Get Endurance!

No Check Engine Light Extended Auto Warranty Discounts:

If the ‘Check Engine Light’ on your vehicle has not come on or if your vehicle has not been in the repair shop for 6-months (or more), you can qualify for your discount. Because your vehicle appears to be in a well-maintained and repair-free shape, your overall cost could be lowered. You’ve done a good job taking care of your vehicle; let us reward you for it.

First Time Call Extended Car Warranty Discounts:

When you first call in for extended vehicle protection your vehicle is classified for protection for the first time. This locks in the best available rate and an automatic discount if coverage is activated on that call. When someone chooses to activate coverage on a later date, oftentimes something is wrong with the vehicle. Second-call customers are considered a higher risk which is why the discount is only applied on the first phone call.

Your vehicle needs protection.  These are just a few discounts that we offer; call us today to find out if you qualify for any other discounts on your extended vehicle coverage!

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