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Are Acuras Expensive to Maintain?

BY: Adam Karner
Lady fastening car seat belt in her Acura

As one of the most affordable luxury brands, Acura has made a name for itself over the past few decades. Acura does a great job meeting the demands of the ever-growing consumer market by offering various vehicles ranging from gas-sipping commuter cars to fully loaded, luxurious SUVs.

The quality of Acura vehicles is one of the car brand’s best features and is to be expected as Honda, a leader in vehicle quality assurance, owns Acura. However, like any other vehicle, the longevity of quality is determined by how well the car is maintained. Today, we will look at the routine maintenance needs for Acura vehicles, what common repairs they have, and whether or not it is expensive to maintain an Acura.

Routine Maintenance for Acura Vehicles

Acura vehicles will require many of the same maintenance tasks you would find on any similar vehicle. While each model will have its own specific maintenance plan, there are going to be a few critical tasks that all Acura vehicles will require.

Oil Changes

Oil changes are one of the most important routine maintenance tasks for any internal combustion engine. The oil in your vehicle’s engine lubricates all the internal components, ensuring your engine runs smoothly. Over time, this engine oil breaks down, losing its effectiveness.

By changing your oil frequently, you can keep your engine running smoothly and maintain your motor for longer life. While you must check your owner’s manual for the specific maintenance schedule, a good rule of thumb is to change your oil every three months or 3,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

The average cost of an oil change on an Acura TLX is between $127 and $412.

Air Filter Replacement

The air filter in your vehicle is located in the air intake tube and ensures your engine is bringing in clean, filtered air for combustion. This filter must be replaced over time as it can become dirty and clogged, restricting airflow to your engine. This can cause misfires, poor fuel mileage, and a no-start condition.

Changing an air filter is an easy DIY project for those with standard hand tools, but it is often an add-on when you get your oil changed. You will want to change your air filter every 12,000-15,000 miles or once a year. It is also a good idea to check or have your air filter checked professionally at every oil change. If you live in a dustier climate, your air filter might need to be changed more often.

The average cost of an air filter change on an Acura TL is between $57 and $64.

Tire Rotations

The tires on your Acura are “wear and tear” items, meaning they are designed to wear out over time and will need to be replaced when worn out. All tires are different, and driving habits change from person to person, so knowing when to change your tires can be difficult to gauge without measuring tread depth every few months.

Due to how a vehicle works, the tires used to turn the car typically wear out faster. To ensure you get the most life out of your tires, you can rotate them to allow all four tires to wear evenly. The direction of the tire rotation will depend on your specific vehicle, so checking your user’s manual for the correct direction is crucial. Keeping your tires rotated will help you save money in the long run as it extends the life of your tires.

The average cost of a tire rotation is $35 to $45.

Common Repairs and Parts Replacement

While both Honda and Acura have a very good reputation for quality and reliability, you can expect an issue or two over the vehicle’s lifetime. Knowing what some of the most common problems are for Acura vehicles, you can help plan and know what you might expect during your car ownership.

Acura RSX Wheel Bearing Replacement

Wheel bearings on your Acura allow the wheel to rotate smoothly without friction. It connects the wheel and the axle and is a metal assembly that contains ball bearings for smooth operation. Over time, wheel bearings can be infiltrated by dirt and debris, causing the bearings to bind. When this happens, your wheel bearings become noisy, ineffective, and sometimes fall apart.

A wheel bearing replacement on an Acura RSX costs about $301 to $411.

Acura MDX Anti-Lock Brake System Inspection

The anti-lock brake system on your Acura is used to pulse your brake system when you slam on the brakes to prevent them from locking up. This is a standard safety feature that all cars have and can be complex on luxury vehicles. Inspecting your ABS is vital to catching issues early and ensuring your brake system functions correctly.

An anti-lock brake system inspection on an Acura MDX costs about $99 to $125.

Acura RL Control Arm Replacement

Control arms are vital to your suspension system, allowing your front and rear suspension to travel with varying road conditions. Over time, control arm bushings can wear out, and some control arms can become damaged due to poor quality. The control arms on Acura RLs are notorious for wear and tear, so they commonly have to be replaced as they get older.

The average control arm replacement cost on an Acura RL is about $909 to $953.

Acura ILX Heater Core Replacement

The heater core is a component that is responsible for heating your vehicle’s cabin. When your heater core goes bad, you can experience coolant leaking onto your floorboard, causing other items to need to be replaced. Since the heater core is located behind the dash in most vehicles, the repair costs can be quite high and is typically not a job for the average DIY enthusiast.

The average cost of a heater core replacement on an Acura ILX is about $1,012 to $1,202.

A Look At Acura Models: Variance In Maintenance

When purchasing an Acura, knowing what to expect to pay in maintenance costs is essential. To help you understand Acura’s maintenance costs, we have listed a few of the most popular Acuras and their annual repair cost according to RepairPal:

  • Acura TLX – $440
  • Acura ILX – $435
  • Acura TL – $467
  • Acura RDC – $497

How Extended Auto Warranties Can Offset Maintenance Costs

An extended car warranty is a great way to protect your investment and ensure your Acura lasts for years. The role of an extended warranty is to give you similar protection to your factory warranty once it expires. This will protect you from the high costs of unexpected repairs and even save you on annual maintenance costs.

Some extended warranties or vehicle service contracts, like those offered by Endurance, will also cover specific maintenance jobs to maintain your vehicle. This makes you worry less about paying for routine maintenance and can help prevent future repairs.

While Acura’s reliability and dependability are some of the brand’s most notable features, you can expect to face some type of repair during the ownership of your vehicle. To better understand what you can expect to save on a common repair, we can use the heater core example from above for reference. If your heater core goes out and is covered by an extended warranty, the $1,000+ repair bill could cost you only $0 to $500 out-of-pocket, depending on your contract’s deductible amount.

Drive Your Used Car with Peace of Mind

Now that we have looked at everything you need to know about Acura maintenance and repair costs, you should better understand how an extended warranty can help car owners save money in the long run. Even though they are reliable vehicles, with Endurance, you can maintain and repair your Acura car without breaking the bank.

At Endurance, we offer customizable auto protection plans to fit your specific budget and coverage needs. By purchasing an Endurance plan, you can get great perks, such as a year of Elite Benefits for a small activation fee, which includes complete tire coverage, key fob replacement, and collision discounts.

While many warranty companies require you to take your vehicle to an Acura dealership to complete the repairs, Endurance allows you to have your car repaired at any licensed repair shop. We also offer standard perks like 24/7 roadside assistance, towing, rental car reimbursement, and more.

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