Endurance Warranty Reviews: Know the Facts

Endurance Warranty Reviews: Know the Facts

Having a nationwide company, like Endurance, gives us an opportunity to reach a staggering amount of people. Whether it be through a direct-mail piece that was mailed to you, maybe you saw one of our television commercials that is broadcast from coast to coast, or possibly an online advertisement on a website you visit frequently; chances are you have seen or heard of Endurance. Thousands of drivers like you call us every day to find out more information on vehicle protection, to see if they qualify, and most of all, find out more about Endurance as a company. We admit that we aren’t a perfect company, and acknowledge that we have seen Endurance Warranty complaints over the years we have been in business. However, not everything you read online can be up-to-date, authenticated, and even factual. But we will get to that more below.

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Fake Endurance Warranty Complaints? Let Us Explain.

Now before you start referring to us as out-of-touch (see Fake News!) and total deniers of negative feedback, we are completely transparent when it comes to our Endurance reviews. In fact, we are extremely proud of our commitment to excellence and customer service, and believe that the majority of the reviews about Endurance reflect this. However, we admit that sometimes mistakes can be made – whether it be ours, the customer’s, or the repair shop, but this can lead to dissatisfaction, which most times will lead to a negative review. Oftentimes, after the issue has been resolved and the customer satisfied, the review may not be updated to reflect this. Leaving out important information regarding the issue. We can explain this further with an example from a recent customer who inquired about our services.

The other day we had a customer on the phone who called in asking for more details about our company. She was interested in extended coverage for her vehicle because it was about to turn 7-years old. She had seen our television commercials and decided to look us up on the internet. She admitted that we ‘looked great’ but there was one thing she was worried about: our Endurance Warranty complaints.

At Endurance, we are not afraid to address the nature of Endurance Warranty reviews. In fact, we’ve done it twice before. We truly believe that you should research a company as much as you can before buying a product or service. However, there are certain situations when you shouldn’t put too much faith in customer complaints or reviews.

Because we take Endurance Warranty complaints so seriously, we asked her to tell us what she had read and where she had read it. She happily guided us right to the review in question.

The review was on a website complaintsboards.com and featured a review that stated that we were not accredited members of the Better Business Bureau (with an “F” rating) and that we were merely a scam. We understood why she was concerned about these Endurance Warranty complaints, we were concerned as well.

Endurance Warranty Reviews: Are you a member of the BBB?

Our customer was just as confused as we were with the comment regarding our BBB rating. She had earlier seen that we were Rated on the BBB’s own webpage. This wasn’t a concern to her exactly, but was still somewhat confusing.

Endurance Warranty Reviews: Are you a scam?

We addressed her second issue once the first was resolved. In this complaint, the reviewer used the words ‘Endurance Warranty Services scam’ 5-times. Now this might not seem like a lot, but when the review is only 8-sentences long, it means that that phrase was used in more than half of the review. This means one of two things: either somebody was REALLY upset with us or it was a fake review. We clicked on the user’s profile and they only had one review posted and an inactive account for over 3-years. Our customer quickly figured out that this was not a real review.

We are not exactly sure where the review came from but it could have been a number of things: an old employee that did not leave on the best of terms, a competitor who is out there to flood us with bad reviews and increase their market share, or it could just be somebody who is not a fan of us, we have seen it all in the decades that we have been in business. But we don’t let it bother us because we know we have a quality product and award-winning customer service, and we completely stand behind both.

We are not telling you to disregard every one of our Endurance Warranty complaints, but know that if they are a legitimate complaint, they are already being handled accordingly.

We take pride in the reputation that we have built and countless customers will back us up on this. With our 99.9% satisfaction rate, we don’t get everything right all the time, but we try our best to. If you have concerns about any Endurance Warranty complaints, please let us know in the comments section below. We are more than happy to address any situation to better serve our customers. You’re in good hands when you choose coverage from Endurance, and we will continue to do our very best to please our customers. Call us today to get your free quote or to get more information on our company and products!

A Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) is often referred to as an “auto warranty” or an “extended car warranty,” but it is not a warranty. A VSC does, however, provide repair coverage for your vehicle after the manufacturer’s car warranty expires. A VSC is a contract between you and a VSC provider or administrator that states what is a covered repair and what is not. Not all vehicles qualify for coverage; Endurance does not offer VSCs in California.