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Chrysler Extended Warranty: Coverage, Options, Discounts, and Terms

BY: Adam Karner

As a member of the Mopar family, Chrysler has been a very popular car manufacturer in the United States for decades. With a large lineup to choose from including cars, SUVs, and minivans, finding the right car for your needs is easier than ever.

While Chrysler offers great factory warranties, Chrysler extended warranties tend to include higher restrictions. As your vehicle ages, the likelihood of part failure increases, meaning if you don’t have an extended car warranty, you’re at risk of paying hefty out-of-pocket repair costs in the long run. When your warranty is on the verge of expiring, this is where Endurance steps in.

What Is Covered By A Chrysler Extended Warranty?

Let’s take a closer look at the current options you can choose from if you are looking for a Chrysler extended warranty. Chrysler grouped their coverage into three different plans to meet the needs of all drivers.

Maximum Care

The Maximum Care package offers the best extended warranty you can get from Chrysler, similar to bumper-to-bumper coverage. Mechanical components are covered under this warranty and covers over 5,000 components. This warranty offers the best coverage from Chrysler while also providing car rental allowance, towing, roadside assistance, and trip interruption coverage.

Added Care Plus

Drivers looking for more affordable options can look into the Added Care Plus warranty which covers over 800 major components. You get the same great service from expert technicians, as well as car rental allowance, towing, roadside assistance, and trip interruption coverage.

Guaranteed Automotive Protection

Guaranteed Automotive Protection, or GAP, covers any financial gap between what you owe on your car and what your insurance will pay. 

How Much Does Chrysler’s Extended Warranty Cost?

One of the biggest questions asked when it comes to Chrysler is “how much does an extended warranty cost?” The cost of an extended warranty from Chrysler depends on a few different factors, so let’s see what those are.


The biggest factor that is can affect the cost of your extended warranty is the type of coverage you choose. Drivers looking for exclusionary coverage are looking to pay more compared to more affordable options. 

Type Of Vehicle

The type of vehicle that you’re trying to cover will also have a large influence on what you can expect to pay. For more common cars where parts prices are cheaper and more readily available, you can expect to pay less when compared to specialty cars.

Extra Benefits

If you choose an extended warranty with added benefits, the overall cost of your extended warranty typically increases. Endurance, on the other hand, offers vehicle service contracts that include roadside assistance and a FREE year of the Endurance Elite membership, including $2,000 in benefits like key fob replacement, tire repair and replacement, and more. 

What Is Covered Under Chrysler’s Factory Warranty?

Chrysler provides four different options for drivers looking for quality vehicle protection. 

3 Year/36,000 Mile Warranty—This offers basic limited bumper-to-bumper warranty coverage that comes standard on all new Chrysler vehicles. With this warranty, drivers are covered on almost every part and system on your Chrysler. It will cover the cost of repairs from poor workmanship or faulty parts.

5 Year/60,000 Mile Warranty—This Chrysler powertrain warranty provides 5 years of coverage on all parts and systems related to your car’s powertrain system. This includes the engine, transmission, all-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and four-wheel drive.

8 Year/80,000 Mile Warranty—The emissions warranty covers the catalytic converter and powertrain control module for 8 years or 80,000 miles. 

Anti-Corrosion Warranty—Chrysler’s anti-corrosion warranty covers the cost to repair sheet metal that rusts from corrosion from the inside out. This extended warranty covers all panels for 3 years and outer panels for 5 years.

What Should I Do If My Chrysler Manufacturer’s Warranty Has Expired?

Once your factory Chrysler warranty has expired, you have two choices—get an extended warranty, or go without coverage. An extended warranty helps you stay protected from the cost of sudden breakdowns that often require thousands to fix. 

With an auto protection plan from Endurance, we handle the costs of sudden breakdowns, so you aren’t financially burdened. We pay the mechanic directly, on top of providing coverage for benefits like rental car services and meal and lodging coverage if a breakdown occurs away from home. Request a free, no-obligation quote to learn more about our flexible payment plans and coverage options.

Average Chrysler Repair Costs

Chrysler Repair Part Average Cost
Alternator $200-$600
Compressor $596-$1,383
Thermostat $197-$231
Control Arms (Front Both Lower) $1,182-$1,289
Evaporator $1,047-$1,228
Stabilizer Links & Bushings $150-$250

*pricing derived from

Chrysler Warranty Benefits

Chrysler warranties offer great benefits that can provide peace of mind when driving on the road. 

Certified, Expert TechniciansAll repairs covered by your extended warranty will be performed by a certified technician who specializes in Chrysler vehicles. 

Authentic Mopar PartsWorried about the use of aftermarket parts? Warranties provided by Chrysler handle repairs with high-quality Mopar parts.

Added BenefitsBenefits such as car rental allowance, towing, roadside assistance, and trip interruption coverage all come with Chrysler warranty protection plans.

Shopping For An Extended Chrysler Warranty

When shopping for an extended auto warranty for your Chrysler, drivers can choose between two options. For those who are wanting to purchase an extended warranty through Chrysler, contact your local dealer to find out your options for coverage.

For those looking to research third-party providers such as Endurance, join the nearly 1 million members already protecting their budgets and enjoying the peace of mind that comes with coverage from Endurance. If there’s one thing you can expect as a vehicle owner, it’s the unexpected and breakdowns can be expensive. Our plans help protect your vehicle’s parts—and your wallet—when things go wrong.

Chrysler Extended Warranty Or Third-Party Vehicle Protection?

Now that we have discussed the different options you have when it comes to extended protection for your Chrysler vehicle, let’s take a closer look at how they compare to each other.

Pay Less For Coverage

With a Chrysler extended warranty, there are 2 different warranty options to choose from with different price tags. Endurance offers 5 different levels of protection with flexible payment plans to ensure you feel empowered when driving on the road. 

Extended Coverage For Your Chrysler

Chrysler’s top tier package offers up to 8 years of protection or 125,000 miles, whichever comes first. Endurance provides protection for up to 5 years, with additional benefits that can save you thousands on essential maintenance and everyday expenses. 

Use Your Favorite Trusted Mechanic

Convenience may be a huge factor for those who do not live near a Chrysler dealership. With an extended warranty from Chrysler, you are required to take your vehicle to a Chrysler dealership for repairs. With Endurance, you choose your mechanic—the local repair shop YOU trust. And Endurance pays them directly—no complicated paperwork, no checks in the mail. Endurance takes care of all of it for you.

Endurance Chrysler Extended Warranty Benefits

If you choose to go with an extended warranty from Endurance, you will also get some great benefits.

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance—Endurance understands that parts can fail at any time, but that doesn’t mean it should leave you stranded. Endurance includes 24/7 roadside assistance with each plan.
  • Substitute Transportation—If your car repair requires it to be at a dealership for an extended period of time, Endurance will reimburse you for substitute transportation costs.
  • Trip Interruption—With Endurance, if your vehicle happens to break down more than 100 miles from your home, you can get reimbursed for 3 days of food and lodging.
  • 1-Year of Endurance Elite MembershipWith purchase of an Endurance plan, you will get 1 year of Endurance Elite Membership included free.

More About Chrysler Warranties:

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Frequently Asked Questions: Chrysler’s Factory Warranty

How Long Does A Standard Chrysler Factory Warranty Last?

The standard Chrysler factory warranty lasts 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

Is My Engine Covered Under A Chrysler Factory Warranty?

The engine in your Chrysler is covered under the powertrain warranty on your vehicle if equipped.

Can I Transfer My Chrysler Warranty?

You can transfer a 5-year powertrain warranty, but this will require a Chrysler dealership to process the transfer.

What Is The Best Extended Warranty For My Chrysler?

The best Chrysler extended warranty is going to be person-specific as not all warranties are going to provide exactly what you may need for your vehicle. Your preferred budget also needs to be taken into consideration when shopping for vehicle protection. Endurance offers different coverage plans to choose from to fit your needs and budget. Plus, experience savings right away with the Endurance Elite Membership and additional benefits that come with each protection plan.

Which Chrysler Vehicles Are Covered Under An Extended Warranty?

Endurance is going to cover most vehicles up to 20 model years and up to 200,000 miles. Our highly trained staff can assist you in finding the best warranty for your specific vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions: Chrysler’s Extended Warranty

Where Can I Get My Chrysler Serviced For Repairs?

If you have a Chrysler extended warranty, you will need to take your vehicle to a Chrysler dealership for repairs. If you have an Endurance warranty, you can take your car to any certified mechanic to make the warranty repair.

What Do Endurance Warranties Cover That Chrysler Warranties Do Not?

Endurance warranties cover the same components as Chrysler warranties, but you will get a few added benefits. This includes trip interruption, transportation reimbursement, and 24/7 roadside assistance.

What Extended Warranty Covers The Most For The Best Price?

To find out which extended warranty covers the most for the best price, you will need to find out what coverages you want and what you are willing to pay for it. With Endurance, you have great choices to choose from.

How Do I Get A Quote For An Extended Warranty?

To get a quote for an Endurance protection plan, simply fill out the quote request form. You can have a free quote in as few as 5 minutes!

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