Where Can I Use an Endurance Extended Auto Warranty?

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You’ll be surprised at how many mechanics and repair facilities accept an Endurance extended auto warranty.

An extended auto warranty sounds like a smart bet, doesn’t it? If you’re driving down the road one day and your vehicle begins to act up, what do you do? Some people may just continue driving and hope for the best. Others might pull over and take a look under the hood. But if you’re an Endurance customer, you’ll just need to pick up a phone. Because almost anyone will accept an Endurance extended auto warranty.

There are many companies offering customers extended protection for their vehicles. When your manufacturer’s warranty runs out, you are liable for repairs. If you’ve had work done on your car in recent years, you’ll know that it is not cheap.

We don’t have to go into specific costs, but we would like to ask one question: Who is going to cover the bill if your car breaks down?

Insurance won’t do anything. They only cover you if a collision occurs. Chevrolet, Toyota, etc. won’t take your calls if your factory warranty is up. So it looks like you’ll be the one shelling out thousands of dollars to repair your vehicle, unless you had extended coverage.

Endurance extended coverage works like your factory warranty did, it will cover parts, labor, and taxes in the event your vehicle needs repair. Sounds pretty great, but I bet you’re wondering who will accept an Endurance extended auto warranty? Actually, almost everyone does!

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Will the dealership accept an Endurance extended auto warranty?

  • Yes, dealerships all throughout the United States accept Endurance vehicle protection. We encourage our customers to choose the repair facility that they are most comfortable with. This means if they trust the dealer over a standard repair facility, they are welcome to use it!

Does my local repair shop accept an Endurance extended auto warranty?

  • Yes, your local repair shop will most likely accept Endurance vehicle protection. We say ‘most likely’, because your local repair shop must employ certified mechanics. As long as a certified mechanic is doing the work on your vehicle, your Endurance protection will be accepted.

Will chain repair shops like Midas or Pep Boys accept an Endurance extended auto warranty?

  • Of course! If you haven’t fully caught on yet, an Endurance extended auto warranty can be accepted almost anywhere. When your car needs to be serviced, hand over your Endurance membership card and we pay the claims directly to the facility with a company credit card. There are no messy forms to fill out or long reimbursement programs.

There is no reason to wait to get extended coverage, and you will never have to worry about who will accept an Endurance extended auto warranty, because we’re practically accepted everywhere. Call us today to get a free quote and more information.

A Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) is often referred to as an “auto warranty” or an “extended car warranty,” but it is not a warranty. A VSC does, however, provide repair coverage for your vehicle after the manufacturer’s car warranty expires. A VSC is a contract between you and a VSC provider or administrator that states what is a covered repair and what is not. Not all vehicles qualify for coverage; Endurance does not offer VSCs in California.