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Warranty Wellness and the Psychological Benefits of Extended Car Warranties

BY: Alex Perrone
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Being a used car owner can be a mixed bag of emotions, no matter what vehicle you drive and what kind of driving you do regularly. While car ownership can relieve a lot of stress when it comes to getting where you need to go on time and enjoying the freedom of the open road, it can also cause issues with your mental health when things go wrong.

Car trouble is incredibly stressful, especially if you are on a budget and depend on your vehicle to get you to and from the places where you are obligated to be. That’s why it is so important that you get the protection you need and can get help paying for car repairs when they come up.

When you buy a new vehicle, it will come with a factory warranty provided by the manufacturer. This manufacturer’s warranty is designed to protect you from things like design defects and issues at the factory. When this warranty coverage is over, you must get a plan from a third-party provider if you want to continue protecting yourself and your car.

An extended auto warranty, more accurately called a vehicle service contract (VSC), is a great option. A VSC will help keep your car running and give you peace of mind, which can be incredibly beneficial for your mental health.

Understanding the Psychological Impact of Car Ownership

Owning a car can be an absolute joy. Some recent studies have even indicated that regularly driving can help ward off dementia and is incredibly beneficial for your general brain health. There are, however, times when it can be very stressful.

Anyone who has taken their vehicle into the shop for an unknown issue understands the anxiety that can present itself. With many people in the United States experiencing significant financial insecurity, a vehicle issue can be a major stressor, especially if you rely on your car for commuting to work or school.

Some vehicle repairs are expensive enough that they will force a car owner to abandon or junk the vehicle rather than repair it. In some cases, you may even go into serious debt trying to repair a vehicle. When this happens, it can feel like you are drowning, and the negative effects of severe debt can be enough to feel completely overwhelming. Once the car is repaired, you may still feel the anxiety of wondering when the next expensive repair will come along, which can end up being a vicious cycle of worry and doubt that will get exhausting after a while.

Aside from the broader implications of expensive car repairs, there are also the stressors that can occur at the moment when your car breaks down. If you have ever experienced a vehicle issue on a busy highway or broken down on the side of a long stretch of empty road, you know how scary it can be. Having some kind of protection plan in place for you and your vehicle, such as a VSC, can give you much more confidence when you are on the road and help relieve some of the more serious anxiety issues that come with driving.

Financial Security: How Warranties Alleviate Stress

With so many financial obligations today, it can feel like even a simple oil change for your vehicle is a major burden. However, a large repair, such as a timing belt replacement or a new set of tires, can be even more overwhelming.

According to Bankrate, nearly one in four Americans have no money saved for emergencies, including everything from medical emergencies to automobile-related issues. This means that even a relatively inexpensive car repair can be devastating. Having a VSC in place is your best bet if you want to take some of that financial stress off your shoulders.

When you have a high-quality VSC for your vehicle, you can rest easy knowing that you can get costly repairs if and when needed. Just like with car insurance, VSCs are there so you can have peace of mind whenever you are on the road, even if you have to pay for the service monthly. If something goes wrong with your car, as long as it is covered in your plan, you can simply take the vehicle to the shop and repair it.

You won’t have to wait to save up and deal with the added stress of not having your vehicle, and you can move on with your daily life without any interruptions. Alleviating some of the financial stress that so many feel is incredibly important and will help make car ownership a joy instead of a hardship.

Extended Warranties: Beyond the Basics of Car Care

Young woman driving a carAside from the help you can get with major repairs, a high-quality VSC offers extra perks like roadside assistance. If you have ever experienced a breakdown on the road, you know how difficult it can be to think clearly and regain your composure. This is true whether you are on a busy highway or a deserted back road, and not knowing what you will do or how you will get out of the situation can be tremendously nerve-wracking.

With a VSC that provides roadside assistance, you can stay calm in a breakdown situation by knowing that help will be coming. Whether you need towing or a jump start, roadside assistance can help, and you can reduce your stress levels if something goes wrong.

A car breakdown can do more than just ruin your day; it can also put a wrench in the works for long vacations. A breakdown on a road trip or vacation can put a damper on your good time and prevent you from making the memories you deserve. With a comprehensive auto protection plan for you and your used car, you don’t have to worry about how you will get around while your vehicle is getting repaired.

A good contract will include things like trip interruption coverage, which will help you pay for non-refundable travel expenses if your vacation gets cut short, and rental car coverage so you can stay on the road. Knowing you can take the vacation you deserve no matter what happens can help you enjoy it more and stop worrying about possible disasters.

Security is another concern for car owners and should be taken very seriously. With modern vehicles, though, much of the car’s security is controlled through the key fob. Should your vehicle’s key fob get lost, you could face security issues and problems keeping your car safe. The best VSCs on the market offer key fob replacement if you lose the stock fob that comes with your car.

This way, you can reprogram your car with a new fob, and the old one will no longer work. You won’t have to worry about your old key fob getting into the hands of anyone who shouldn’t have access to it.

The Emotional Value of Warranty Protection

Beyond the practical benefits of an extended warranty, there are several secondary advantages that can help with your emotional health and mental wellness. One of the most important benefits of an extended warranty plan is the fact that you can feel less alone when you are on the road.

Oftentimes, the stress of a road trip or commute comes from the feelings of isolation and helplessness that can pop up, especially when an issue arises with your vehicle. With a high-quality VSC on your side, you don’t have to feel like you are on your own in dealing with the situation. This can help you feel more at ease when you are out on the highway and allow you to enjoy your time behind the wheel much more.

There is no doubt that a serious issue with your car, particularly when you are on a busy highway, can be a traumatic thing to go through. The stress of trying to get to the shoulder and the feelings of powerlessness as you sit and try to figure out what to do, can cause some fairly serious physical and emotional responses, not to mention the unknown factors like the price of the repair and length of time you might be without your car.

All of these feelings combined can be incredibly overwhelming. When you know that you will be able to get the help you need, though, you can take some of these worries off your mind. A good protection plan will offer help with all these issues so you can drive with confidence.

In a world that can sometimes feel like it is out of your control, taking charge of certain aspects of your life is always a positive thing. Making good decisions, such as having a solid protection plan in place for your car, is a great way to feel some autonomy. The best thing you can do for yourself is be your own advocate, and many times, this means taking solid steps toward protecting yourself and planning for the future. With a VSC for your vehicle, you are eliminating some of the unknowns and creating a future where you have some control and can get help when you need it the most.

Making the Case: Extended Warranties as a Wellness Tool

Your extended warranty can provide more than just help and peace of mind on the road. They can also provide some benefits that you might not expect. One of the most important is a feeling of community with local business owners.

A study published in 2020 found that good service and high-quality work was the number one way businesses could foster good relationships with their customers, especially their local clientele. Nowhere is this more important than when it comes to local auto repair shops.

With the right VSC, you can find a shop that treats you well and addresses all your needs and concerns, making for a much more pleasant, stress-free experience. With a local shop you can count on, you can feel a connection with your community, which is essential for long-term happiness and overall mental health.

When you have a VSC that helps you pay for some of the most expensive repairs that can come up on your car, you have a lot more money for the things that make you truly happy. Whether this includes your hobbies, a long vacation, or a good time out on the town with friends, freeing up some funds for the things that matter is good for you no matter how you look at it. Your protection plan should give you more freedom to enjoy your life on and off the road.

How Endurance Can Help

While either owning a new car or a used vehicle that you love can bring you a lot of joy, having to pay for repairs can have the opposite effect. Knowing that you have an auto protection plan on your side is a great way to reduce stressors and make your driving experience as easy and happy as possible.

Endurance has a wide range of plans available for nearly every type of car and driver to help cover unexpected repair costs. Starting at just $99 per month, you can get customized coverage for your vehicle, whether it is an older high-mileage car or a high-end luxury vehicle.

With custom plans for everything from the most basic powertrain coverage options all the way up to exclusionary bumper-to-bumper protection, there is something for everyone. Plus, Endurance also covers vehicles that other extended warranty providers won’t, such as Canadian Gray Market vehicles, cars with a rebuilt or salvage title, or vehicles used for commercial purposes like rideshare or delivery.

Endurance plans include standard benefits like 24/7 roadside assistance, towing, rental car coverage, and trip interruption protection. Plus, for a small activation fee, Endurance customers also get access to Elite Benefits, which include extra features like tire repairs, key fob replacement, and up to $1,000 in total loss coverage.

Experience our award-winning customer service by calling (800) 253-8203 for a FREE quote, or use our online store for an immediate price estimate and shop with confidence.

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