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Does a Tune Up Make Your Car Run Better?

BY: Andrew Giorgi
Car Tune Up

No one enjoys unexpected repair costs. One of the best ways to avoid dealing with the stress of expensive repairs is by taking your vehicle in for regular checks and tune-ups.

If you’ve never taken your vehicle in for one before, you may be wondering exactly what a tune-up is. The tasks performed during a tune-up have evolved over the years with vehicle technology, but simply put a tune-up is preventative maintenance.

At the end of the day, your car is a machine and even the best machines need periodic check-ups. Here are some of the common signs of early vehicle warnings—as well as the consequences of ignoring them—that may warrant a trip to your local auto shop.  

Common Signs That Your Car Needs a Tune-Up

You may believe having a newer car means you won’t need a car tune-up for years, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Preventative maintenance is about stopping any potential minor to major issues that vehicles, new or old, might have.

You can avoid expensive and time-consuming repairs by simply learning how to take better care of your car. Learning about the common signs that a car needs a tune-up requires an understanding of the everyday repairs that most cars eventually need.

First and foremost, mileage milestones are a recommended time to take your vehicle in for a tune-up. After putting tens of thousands of miles on a vehicle, some parts will inevitably need to be checked or replaced. Check your owner’s manual for a detailed schedule of maintenance items that may need to be performed.

Additionally, depending on your specific vehicle, oil changes every three to six months are incredibly important to remember. Newer vehicles may have an indicator on the dashboard that will alert you when it is time for this change.

There are still many problems that can occur with your vehicle. Some indications that you may need a tune-up or preventative maintenance:

  • Spongy brakes
  • Electrical malfunctions 
  • High engine temperatures 
  • Abnormal noises or vibrations

Leaving any abnormal problem unaddressed on your vehicle could potentially result in costly issues down the road. Don’t ignore any abnormalities in your car. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to automotive repair. 

What Does a Car Tune-Up Involve?

Many are unclear on the importance of a car tune-up and this results in one common question being asked of mechanics constantly: “What does a car tune-up consist of?”

The answer depends on many factors including your vehicle’s make, model, age, and mileage.

When bringing your vehicle in for a tune-up your mechanic may check the following things:

  • Check all fluid levels and top off the fluid or check for leaks as necessary.
  • Check and replace the vehicle’s engine and cabin air filters.
  • Visually inspect the engine’s ignition system, including the engine spark plugs, wires, and ignition coils for wear or damage. They may recommend replacing the spark plugs if they are due by time or mileage per your vehicle’s maintenance schedule.
  • Check tire pressure, tread depth, and tread wear patterns. They may recommend or perform a tire rotation as well.
  • Visually inspect all belts and hoses for wear.
  • Visually inspect all steering and suspension bushings for wear or deformity that may cause noise or component failure down the road.

Seasonal Tune-Up To-Dos

Routine car tune-up checklists include many more items, some of which are dependent on the time of year. For example, mechanics place a great emphasis on checking coolant levels during winter due to a number of factors.

In some states with inclement weather, fall maintenance includes replacing windshield wipers and rotating the tires on your car. Additionally, summertime check-ups should be when you remove any debris or dirt left over from winter. Not completing this simple task could result in rust on the exterior of your vehicle or the parts under the hood.  As you can see, what a car tune-up consists of greatly depends on your vehicle and the time of year.

How Much Does a Tune-Up Cost?

As you may have guessed, in-depth preventative maintenance typically costs far more than your standard oil change.

Due to this, a car tune-up cost can range drastically, but you’re likely looking at anywhere from $40 to $800 depending on the specific reason for your visit. This amount usually includes the cost of purchasing any parts as well as the labor cost.

More specifically, small and routine tune-ups, such as an oil change, may cost as low as $50, whereas serious repairs—like replacing your engine—could set you back thousands. Regular tune-ups and preventative maintenance can go a long way to helping you avoid the cost of those serious repairs. Did you know that in 2019, Chevrolet owners reported the most automotive claims compared to 34 other car brands?

Not only this, but the top 10 vehicle brands with the most claims reported are all the most common vehicles you see out on the road. 

Coupling these statistics with a wide range of tune-up costs, and it can be easy to become concerned about unforeseen car issues. That’s what makes investing in an extended car warranty so important. 

Unpredictable costs associated with repairs means that you may not necessarily have the money you need to pay for your vehicle’s tune-up out of pocket. 

That’s also why we believe we have the potential to be the best solution for you.

Keep Your Car Running With Endurance

Whether you’ve been driving your car for years or just a few months, you’ve undoubtedly become attached to your trusty machine. With that said, there’s nothing worse, or more dangerous, than driving down the road and feeling your car give out on you. 

Spot the warning signs your car gives before it’s too late. Save thousands by properly maintaining your vehicle through routine car tune-ups and investing in the right extended car warranty. 

Car breakdowns never seem to happen at an opportune moment, but you can avoid paying out of pocket for a high car tune-up or repair cost with an auto protection plan from Endurance. To reduce the financial burden associated with repairs, they cover the costs of sudden breakdowns for drivers like yourself. They pay your trusted local mechanic directly so you don’t need to worry. You also receive great benefits, such as 24/7 roadside assistance and even lodging if you aren’t close to home when a breakdown happens. Fill out a free quote form, and activate protection on your vehicle today.

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