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Common Maintenance & Repairs Needed for Older Cars

BY: Endurance
common maintenance repairs for older cars

As the weather outside becomes more inviting, families will be hitting the road to take advantage of the warm sun that we’ve all been missing dearly. Summer traditions will incorporate the trustee family car to get you to your prized destination, so it’s good to know the common maintenance and repairs your older car might need for the road ahead.

The new average lifespan of vehicles on the road today is almost 12 years old, which is a new milestone in the automotive world!

Vehicle longevity has increased due to the evolution of technology in the auto industry, but no model is exempt from problems after years of use. If you have had your vehicle for a long time, it has seen many season changes, and the car’s performance can reflect that without proper care.

If you have had your car for more than seven years, here’s what repairs you should keep in mind for the future!


While on the road, brake pads naturally wear over time due to heavy use and will need to be replaced regularly.

A car’s brakes are composed of multiple parts, including:

  • A Braking Cylinder
  • Brake Calipers
  • Brake Rotors & Pads
  • And Brake Fluid

With parts and labors, a braking system repair can cost from $146-$600 out of pocket.

Signs of an aging brake system can make coming to a halt a challenge, and make the brake pedal feel stiff or spongy.

Failure in any of these aspects can damage your car’s performance and others’ lives, so it’s always best to have the brakes routinely checked and to change the brake fluid according to your car’s manual.

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Exhaust System

Each car’s exhaust system has a unique design to release reaction exhaust gases in the opposite direction from the engine’s combustion chamber.

A car’s exhaust system consists of pipes used for the redirection of gasses, the catalytic converter, and the exhaust manifold. It reduces the toxic pollutants of the exhaust, and the exhaust manifold is one pipe that collects the exhaust gases dispersed from the cylinders.

You may notice a car’s exhaust system is failing when you can hear your vehicle get increasingly louder after prolonged use.

Some drivers who have had their cars for longer than ten years say they now usually tune into the engine instead of the radio.

Ignoring the volumes of your car’s exhaust system can lead to engine failure and could potentially redirect the toxic gases to the inside of the vehicle. Prolonging the care needed can lead to the car needing even more expensive repairs, starting at $400 with most repair shops without an auto warranty.

Electrical Components

You may have seen some funky things happen with your car if you have had your vehicle for a long time, like the radio switching channels by itself or that one seatbelt who won’t budge for anybody.

Electrical components in a car are like any other electric equipment, and over time they will lead into the “fritz-zone.”

Examples of a car’s electrical areas bugging out due to age can affect the

  • Windshield Wiper Motor
  • Windshield Washer Pump
  • Headlights & Interior Lights
  • Power Door Lock Actuator
  • Door Window Regulator
  • Door Window Motor

Little issues in your car can lead to expensive problems in the future. These features may be subtle but can play a massive role in the experience of driving your vehicle.

Failing performance in these electrical components can lead to not being able to see in rainy weather with windshield wiper failure, not being able to see in fog, dark environments, or not being able to lock and unlock your doors.

Shocks and Struts

Shocks and Struts are a huge supporting part of your car’s performance and how it feels on the road. 

Shocks will absorb any turbulence received from the road and counteract that energy to make sure the car stays as level as possible.

Struts are part of the suspension system that allows for strut springs to be installed and control the height of your vehicle.

After extended use, the level of shock absorption will decrease, and your car will start bouncing as gravity and physics intended.

Ignoring these signs of decreased performance will give the car poor handling and can damage your tires at a significant rate than usual, resulting in even more costly repairs. The average starting price for just the front struts and shocks is $560, missing out on the discounted cost you could receive with Endurance Coverage Plans.


As more drivers get back on the road this Summer, it’s great to consider the temperature and weather that your vehicle will endure. An overheating engine can bring a halt to the family fun, especially when the radiator fails.

A car’s radiator will cool the car from the heat produced from the internal gases combusting in the engine. Over time, your car’s radiator may begin to fail and is easily noticeable when the engine runs too hot.

If repeated, uncontrolled heat in your vehicle can damage even more internal parts and lead to an engine failure. 

To ensure your radiator’s longevity, checking your car’s coolant levels consistently and even more frequently in the Summer heat will give you a grasp on the radiator’s performance.

If you notice high temperatures repeatedly, it’s probably best to have a mechanic inspect the probable causes. Without an extended warranty plan, a simple thermostat replacement for the radiator is approximately $175, but a radiator replacement can start at $699. 


Imagine having a conversation with someone, and you start to notice some leftover spinach in their teeth. Once seen, it can ruin the whole image that a person wants to portray. The same can go for your car and rust

Rust can appear when the metals found in your car’s body go through a complex electrochemical process known as corrosion, which will alter the state to a less than pleasing aesthetic.

Common causes of rust are not having your car washed regularly, allowing the buildup of dirt, asphalt, or any other loose ground like rocks after driving.

Once rust has started to form, you will begin to see a bubbling erect from the problematic area and can slowly grow with the cost of fixing the issue rising from the start.

Find out even more about rust protection and the effects it can have on your vehicle here!

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