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Endurance vs America Auto Care

BY: Endurance
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No matter what kind of car you drive, keeping it in good condition should be one of your top priorities. A vehicle that is well taken care of will last many years and be a lot cheaper to own in the long run. This means that you should be taking your vehicle in for repairs as soon as you notice an issue.

The sooner you act, the less likely it is that the auto repair will turn into a larger, more expensive problem. That is why it is so important to have the coverage you need to ensure that you can always take your vehicle to a shop you trust.

Most new cars come with a factory warranty that is provided by the manufacturer to help protect you from repairs that come up due to problems at the factory or design flaws. When that factory warranty coverage is up, though, you have to find coverage that will give you the same level of protection or better if you want to keep your vehicle in good condition.

An extended warranty from a third party, also called a vehicle service contract (VSC), is a great way to protect yourself and your vehicle.

Endurance and America Auto Care are two leading car warranty companies, and knowing how they compare and stack up against one another will help you make the best decision for you and your car.

Company Overviews

Endurance Warranty

For over 15 years, Endurance has been providing drivers with excellent protection while also making customer service an important part of doing business. Founded in Northbrook, Illinois, Endurance understands the needs of drivers and what makes a protection plan worth it. No matter what kind of budget you have or what your needs are, Endurance has a plan for you. Starting at just $99 per month and with a wide variety of options for customized coverage, you can keep your car running smoothly with a plan designed specifically for you and your situation.

Endurance also provides a large variety of standard and extra benefits to VSC customers. These benefits include things like 24/7 roadside assistance, rental car coverage, and travel interruption costs. Plus, every Endurance customer can access Endurance Elite Benefits, which include extra perks like tire repair, key fob replacement, total loss protection, and more. A small activation fee applies.

America Auto Care

America Auto Care is a third-party VSC provider that has an emphasis on customer service and simplicity. While many providers offer complicated plans with a lot of exclusions and factors that go into coverage, America Auto Care offers a simple, four-plan array of coverage options. If you are looking for an extended auto warranty plan that can make things as easy as possible with very little input from you as the customer, this company could be a great option. They have also made some of their plans transferable, which can be a great selling point should you decide to resell your car at a later date.

Vehicle Protection Plans

Endurance’s Levels of Coverage

  • Supreme – For those looking for coverage that is as close to the factory bumper-to-bumper coverage as possible, the Supreme plan is your best option. This plan covers nearly every component of the car, including seals, gaskets, and even some of the tech components that other providers won’t include in their plans.
  • Supreme for Highline Vehicles – Finding the right coverage for a high-end luxury vehicle or a rare exotic car can be difficult since most providers don’t want to run the risk of covering these unique cars. The Supreme for Highline Vehicles plan covers cars made by many of the most popular luxury automakers like Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and Alfa Romeo, as long as they have less than 80,000 miles and are less than 8 years old.
  • Superior – Even if you don’t need complete exclusionary coverage, you probably still want to protect your vehicle as much as you possibly can. The Superior plan offers comprehensive coverage for many different components of your vehicle, including some tech features and electronics.
  • Select Premier – Finding coverage for older cars with relatively high mileage is going to be a difficult task. With the Select Premier plan, though, you can get protection for your high-mileage vehicle and cover all of its most essential components to help keep it on the road for as long as possible.
  • Secure Plus – When it comes to protecting your car, covering the most essential components should be your number one concern. Things like the engine, transmission, and drive axle are crucial to the operation of the vehicle and can also be some of the most expensive parts to repair. The Secure Plus plan covers these important components as well as a few extras to help you feel more confident behind the wheel.
  • Secure – Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your car is to make sure that all the most basic and important components are covered. The Secure plan offers budget-friendly protection for the parts that keep your car running, like the engine and transmission.
  • Advantage – Advantage offers incredibly comprehensive coverage as well as up to $3,500 in annual or routine maintenance costs, such as oil changes. This saves you even more on the cost of car ownership, making it the best choice for those who need the best possible protection on the road.

America Auto Care

  • Basic Coverage – America Auto Care’s Basic Coverage plan is their most bare-bones plan. It includes protection for all the vital components of your vehicle, like the engine, transmission, and drive axles.
  • Enhanced Coverage – The Enhanced Coverage plan offers more comprehensive protection for those who want to make sure they can cover more than just the powertrain components. The parts covered under this plan include the cooling system, fuel delivery, and electrical system.
  • Stated Coverage – The Stated Coverage plan is the one that most drivers are going to find useful. This plan covers everything the previous plans cover, as well as some extra components like the heater and suspension.
  • Exclusionary – America Auto Care’s Exclusionary plan is very similar to the Stated Coverage plan, but it also includes protection for the luxury electronics components. While America Auto Care doesn’t explicitly say what these components are, they are most likely things like the navigation and infotainment systems.

Benefits Beyond Coverage

Endurance Warranty

One of the things that sets Endurance apart from other VSC providers on the market is the wide range of perks and benefits that come with every plan. No matter what plan you end up with, you get standard benefits like 24/7 roadside assistance, towing, trip interruption coverage, and rental car reimbursement. Plus, you can access the Elite Benefits package, which gets you things like tire repair and key fob replacement. Endurance plans are also transferable and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This guarantee lets you be absolutely certain that a plan is right for you and will get you the level of protection you need.

America Auto Care

On top of their selection of extended car warranties, America Auto Care provides roadside assistance to customers. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and transferable plans. Other than that, it is unclear whether they offer any other perks or benefits aside from the coverage that is included with each plan.

Pricing: Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck


Since Endurance offers custom coverage that is specifically tailored to your individual needs, pricing will change from customer to customer. Plans start at $99 per month, though, so even if you are only looking for the most basic coverage, you can be sure that there will be something that fits every budget and every situation.

Plus, with comprehensive coverage, you can build the cost of your plan into the overall cost of ownership for the vehicle and the money you save by being able to get car repairs done as soon as they come up. Endurance deductibles on claims range anywhere from $0 to $500, depending on your service contract.

America Auto Care

America Auto Care does not publish prices for their plans, which makes it difficult to pin down what each plan will cost. They state that most monthly payments are less than a cup of coffee a day, which can mean that they are on par with the prices of most other VSCs on the market. If you want to find out what an extended car warranty will cost you based on your particular vehicle and situation, you will have to get a direct quote from America Auto Care’s customer service team.

Customer Service and Claims Process

Endurance Auto Warranty

One of the things that Endurance is praised the most for is the award-winning customer service team that is on hand to help you through every part of the claims process. When something goes wrong with your vehicle, all you have to do is take it to the certified shop of your choice, present your Endurance membership, and everything will be taken care of from there.

Should you run into any issues, you can speak with a customer service team member or use the Endurance mobile app to access your plan at any time. As long as the repair is covered under your plan, the shop can get started on the repair right away and get you back on the road.

America Auto Care

America Auto Care’s claims process is similar to Endurance’s in that all you have to do is take the vehicle to an ASE Certified shop. Where it differs, though, is that many America Auto Care customers have complained of claims not being approved after the repair has already been done. This means that they have been financially responsible for the repair once the whole process has been finished. Because of this, it is recommended that you ensure your repair will be covered before the shop gets started so you can be certain your claim will not be denied.

Customer Reviews and Reputation

Endurance Warranty Reviews

Endurance customers hold the award-winning customer service team in incredibly high regard, with many reviews specifically praising team members for their compassion and understanding in a stressful time. Endurance currently holds a 3.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot with over 7,000 reviews.

Most reviewers have been happy with their experience and, specifically, with the customer service they have received. Customers have found the claims process to be smooth and convenient and felt that their needs were met in a timely manner, no matter the circumstances of the visit to the repair shop.

America Auto Care Reviews

America Auto Care customers have had mixed experiences, according to reviews left with publications like Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau. While the company has an A+ rating on the BBB website, the reviews there are less-than-satisfactory, with a 1-star rating.

Many customers have felt that the company was not helpful when the time came to get a repair done and that their claims were denied more often than they were accepted. They also found it difficult to get in touch with the right people on the customer service team, which made the whole process more frustrating and costly than it should have been.

Get the Best Coverage For Your Car With Endurance

When you need coverage for your car, working with the best auto protection provider on the market will make all the difference. Making sure that you can get the help you need when you need it most will help keep you safe on the road and give you confidence that your car will run smoothly. An Endurance extended car warranty is your best bet if you want a combination of comprehensive, customized coverage and the best customer service in the business.

Endurance offers a wide range of plans to choose from, all of which come with comprehensive protection and a top-notch customer service team. With standard benefits and extra perks to help make your driving experience all the more convenient, Endurance can help you keep your new or used car running smoothly for many years to come.

If you’d like peace of mind that can help protect you and your wallet from unexpected repair bills, get in touch with our award-winning customer service team at (800) 253-8203 or request a FREE quote online.

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